Control Room A
Welcome to VDSS Recording Studio Website. This is an indie recording studio placed in Italy (Morolo, FR) near Rome. We like performance based recording, we have lots of warm stuff (tube mic preamps, ribbon microphones, analog desks, tape echoes, vintage amps and instruments) and rooms with crazy reverbs and acoustics for each instrument. We like underground lo-fi music but we dealt with pop stuff too. If you’re searching for true-warm-live sound at a low rate (200 Euros per day), this is the right studio.
-The Specialist / New Love Concept -Drum Is Dead -The Specialist / Italian Biscuit -Bandwidth / Vol.1 -Bandwidth / Hydrocodone -Bandwidth / Trinitite -Poptones -Poptones / The Major Man -Esercizi Base per le 5 Dita -Bleu Van Gogh (3 Songs Promo) -Bandwidth / Quadro -Esercizi Base per le 5 Dita / Le Prove di Zenobio -Dienamite (Two Songs Promo) -Strueia / From the Appartamento to Eternity -Vetro / Rapido Sguardo Dialettico -Astolfo sulla Luna / Cancroregina -7 Training Days / Finale/Forward -GastroBlasto / 1st Issue -Pedalò / Sale -Esercizi Base per le 5 Dita / Dalle Viscere -Sorry, Heels / Wasted -MRVGL / Corrado -I-Taki Maki / Tankman -Unhappy / 1st EP -Poptones / Bright Sunrise -Sky of Birds / 1st Promo -Eidem / Friends are Evil EP -Tiger!Shit!Tiger!Tiger! / Forever Young -War Children / The Rolling Funerals -7 Training Days / Wires -Sheopard / Bounder -Sorry, Heels / Distances -Strueia / Morolo -Flying Vaginas / And That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things -Blonder / Radio -15MOS / Scrambled Eggs -Unhappy / Idiot Lane (Recording Now) -Santa Muerte / 1st EP (Recording Now) Mastering: -Efrem / Con le nostre carni strette -I-Taki Maki / Western Monamour -Above the Tree / CaveMan -Panda Kid / Summetry -L'amo / Niente (è un bel pensiero da mettere tra le gambe alle ragazze) -Cigarilla Disonasty / Latte Lattine -Conrad / Safety of Life at Sea -Stereo Nose Noise / 2nd EP -GueRRRa / Lampo -AAVV / Miniature Vol.1 -Above the Tree / From the memory of my hard disk
vdssrecordingstudio@gmail.com | +39 320 05 07 767
Accurate Miking 1959 AKG D12 Wonderful Panorama. Amps